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Pain Management

  • Updated:   6/21/2022
  • Contains:  23 items
Information on how to help your patients manage their unique pain.
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Nonpharmacologic approaches to pain management

Nathenson, Prem Paul; Nathenson, Sophie

Nursing. 51(10):62-68, October 2021.

Learn about nonpharmacologic pain management interventions for alternative or concomitant use with nonopioid medications. Potential barriers as well as facilitators to integrating nonpharmacologic interventions are discussed as they relate to nursing practice.

COVID-19 and opioid use disorder: Expanding treatment access in rural settings

Mumba, Mercy Ngosa; Jaiswal, Jessica; Langner-Smith, Natalia; More

Nursing. 51(9):44-47, September 2021.

This article examines the evidence supporting the use of telehealth in treating patients with opioid use disorder and explores other promising options that can help overcome pandemic-related barriers to treatment.

Local anesthetic systemic toxicity: What nurses should know

Schneider, Melissa A.; Howard, Katrina A.

Nursing. 51(4):42-46, April 2021.

Though mostly safe, using local or regional anesthetics for pain management may carry serious risks such as local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST). In this article, the authors explain how to recognize signs and symptoms of LAST and intervene appropriately.

Managing pain in seriously ill patients with substance use disorders

Mazanec, Polly; Paice, Judy; Campbell, Grace; More

Nursing. 51(1):32-39, January 2021.

Managing pain can be challenging in patients with serious illnesses and a history of substance use disorder (SUD). The authors review evidence-based nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions for pain control and discuss strategies for risk mitigation in patients with SUD.