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Best of 2018

  • Creator:   Andrew Parent
  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  10 items
Check out our picks for the best of 2018, including award-winning content as well as new departments and series.

Enhanced recovery after cardiac surgery program to improve patient outcomes

McConnell, Gina; Woltz, Patricia; Bradford, William T.; More

Nursing2019. 48(11):24-31, November 2018.

Follow the journey to implementing a cardiac-specific enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) program in a community-based health system.

Keeping up-to-date with diabetes care and education

Funnell, Martha M.; Freehill, Karein

Nursing2019. 48(10):22-29, October 2018.

The American Diabetes Association publishes standards of care that are updated annually by a panel of experts. This article describes evidence-based approaches to care and education for adults with diabetes and highlights revisions in the 2018 Standards of Care that are relevant to nurses and patients with type 2 diabetes.

Therapeutic approaches for suicidal adolescents

Rajamohan, Santhiny; Sharkey, Patricia L.; Heavey, Elizabeth

Nursing2019. 48(9):32-38, September 2018.

Suicide is one of the most preventable causes of death among children and adolescents, and nurses are often the first to interact with vulnerable young people with suicidal ideation. Explore this issue with a focus on risk assessment, therapeutic interventions, and evidence-based recommendations for successful outcomes.

Infection prevention and control core practices: A roadmap for nursing practice

Carrico, Ruth M.; Garrett, Hudson; Balcom, Dawn; More

Nursing2019. 48(8):22-28, August 2018.

Learn about a new set of core practices focusing on infection prevention and control. These eight practices should be embedded into every aspect of nursing care and every nurse's professional development plan.

What a patient taught me about nursing

Alejandro, Josefina Inoturan

Nursing2019. 48(5):48-49, May 2018.

A long-term care resident shares how a nursing student's kindness, persistence, and creativity touched the heart of nursing.

How oral medications affect wound healing

Levine, Jeffrey M.

Nursing2019. 48(3):34-40, March 2018.

Although surprisingly few oral medications have been shown to directly aid healing, some have potential benefits that are under investigation. This article describes oral drugs that may help build new tissue and speed wound healing as well as medications that can impair healing.

A closer look at lower extremity peripheral arterial disease

Berti-Hearn, Linda; Elliott, Brenda

Nursing2019. 48(1):34-41, January 2018.

Peripheral arterial disease, or PAD, is a lifelong, progressive disorder that affects primarily the lower extremities. Reviewing current information about PAD, including management guidelines and evidence-based nursing care, can help you advise patients about slowing its progression and managing symptoms.

Nursing2018® salary and benefits survey report

Nursing2019. 48(1):18-24, January 2018.

How does your compensation stack up against that of other nurses with similar professional credentials, education, and experience? Check out the results from our nationwide survey and see how they compare with findings from a similar survey conducted in 2011.