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Articles by Susan A. LaRocco, PhD, MBA, RN

Unmasking nonmotor symptoms of Parkinson disease

LaRocco, Susan A.

Nursing2019. 45(7):26-32, July 2015.

Most nurses are familiar with symptoms of PD that involve movement, such as tremors and masked facial expression. But nonmotor symptoms, such as urinary dysfunction, orthostatic hypotension, fatigue, pain, and neuropsychiatric problems, can also diminish a patient's quality of life. After refreshing your knowledge of PD, discover how to help your patient cope.

Post-polio syndrome: unraveling the mystery

LaRocco, Susan A.

Nursing2011. 41(2):26-29, February 2011.

Polio survivors can experience symptoms again long after their recovery. Review the basics of this disabling disorder so you'll be prepared to educate and support affected patients.