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Articles by Santhiny Rajamohan, PhD, RN

The hazards and benefits of social media use in adolescents

Rajamohan, Santhiny; Bennett, Erin; Tedone, Deborah

Nursing2019. 49(11):52-56, November 2019.

Social media can act as a catalyst to negative attitudes and behaviors in adolescents, but its positive effects are also well documented. This article reviews the current evidence and explores the benefits and drawbacks of social media use by teenagers.

Therapeutic approaches for suicidal adolescents

Rajamohan, Santhiny; Sharkey, Patricia L.; Heavey, Elizabeth

Nursing2019. 48(9):32-38, September 2018.

Suicide is one of the most preventable causes of death among children and adolescents, and nurses are often the first to interact with vulnerable young people with suicidal ideation. Explore this issue with a focus on risk assessment, therapeutic interventions, and evidence-based recommendations for successful outcomes.