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Articles by Richard L. Pullen, Jr., EdD, MSN, RN, CMSRN

Penile cancer: Providing patient support

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing2019. 48(4):32-39, April 2018.

Men diagnosed with penile cancer are likely to have questions and concerns about their diagnosis and treatment, sexual function, and masculine identity. This article discusses the types of penile cancer, reviews current treatment approaches, and offers practical guidelines for patient teaching and psychosocial support.

Navigating the challenges of Meniere disease

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing2019. 47(7):38-45, July 2017.

Characterized by a feeling of ear pressure or fullness, tinnitus, fluctuating hearing loss, and vertigo, Meniere disease can have a major impact on patients' lives. To help them achieve an optimal quality of life, update your understanding of this disease's pathophysiology and treatment approaches as presented here.

Sjögren: syndrome More than dry eyes

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.; Hall, Deborah A.

Nursing2010. 40(8):36-41, August 2010.

Learn to recognize and assess this common autoimmune disease, then follow these guidelines to help improve your patient's quality of life and minimize complications.

Putting a face on systemic lupus erythematosus

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.; Brewer, Sharon; Ballard, Adonna

Nursing2009. 39(8):22-28, August 2009.

Learn why this unpredictable autoimmune disorder is often called "the great imitator" and teach your patient how to manage the highly variable signs and symptoms.

Smooth patient transfers, Part III: Using a hydraulic lift for patient transfer

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing2008. 38(3):54-56, March 2008.

It's got your back. Use this equipment to lift a patient safely without straining yourself.

Transferring a patient from bed to wheelchair

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing2008. 38(2):46-48, February 2008.

Make the right moves to protect your back and your patient—especially if she's debilitated or overweight.

Assessing Skin Lesions: Learn to identify the different types and document their characteristics.

Pullen, Richard L. Jr.

Nursing2007. 37(8):44-45, August 2007.

Is it a macule or a papule? Reviewing these photos will help you accurately assess and document your patient's skin condition.