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Articles by Paula Barbel, PhD, PNP

Preventing peanut allergy in infants: Follow the evidence

Peterson, Kathleen; Barbel, Paula

Nursing2019. 48(7):41-44, July 2018.

Recent studies on how peanut allergies develop in children have led to new guidelines regarding the introduction of peanut-containing foods to infants. This article reviews the evidence behind these guidelines and discusses how clinicians should apply them.

Nurse's guide to primary amebic meningoencephalitis

Peterson, Kathleen; Barbel, Paula; Heavey, Elizabeth

Nursing2019. 48(4):42-45, April 2018.

This rare but highly lethal infection of the central nervous system is transmitted in water contaminated with the Naegleria fowleri ameba. Children are especially vulnerable. Learn to recognize suspicious neurologic signs and symptoms in patients with a recent history of swimming in untreated warm water.

Recognizing subtle signs and symptoms of pediatric cancer

Barbel, Paula; Peterson, Kathleen

Nursing2019. 45(4):30-37, April 2015.

Even though cancer is rare in children and adolescents, it's the leading cause of disease-related deaths among Americans ages 1 to 19. Refresh your knowledge of the elusive signs and symptoms of cancer because early diagnosis and treatment can save young lives.

On alert for autism spectrum disorders

Peterson, Kathleen; Barbel, Paula

Nursing2013. 43(4):28-34, April 2013.

The CDC reports a 78% increase in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses since 2007. What's behind this startling statistic? This article discusses what we do and don't know about ASD and how you can help identify children at risk to ensure early intervention.