Articles by Maria Pettinato, PhD, RN

Medicinal cannabis: A primer for nurses

Pettinato, Maria

Nursing2017. 47(8):40-46, August 2017.

Over half of all states have legalized at least some forms of medicinal cannabis. Even in states where using medicinal cannabis isn't yet legal, patients may have questions about its use and efficacy. Keep an open mind about the advantages for patients using this innovative therapy as you explore its benefits and drawbacks.

Providing care for GLBTQ patients

Pettinato, Maria

Nursing2012. 42(12):22-27, December 2012.

Do you know how to assess gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or transsexual, and questioning or queer patients? Sensitivity about a patient's sexual orientation and gender identity helps nurses provide comprehensive nursing care and encourages patients to feel comfortable seeking healthcare.