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Articles by Lois Gerber, BSN, MPH, RN

Tackling Diana's problems took patience...and teamwork

Gerber, Lois

Nursing. 49(2):60-62, February 2019.

With a creative, multidisciplinary approach, this home healthcare nurse helped her patient manage complex physical and emotional issues.

Sharing your nursing story

Gerber, Lois

Nursing2014. 44(8):45-47, August 2014.

Ever thought about writing and publishing a story about one of your nursing experiences? This article offers practical advice for story writing, from developing an idea to submitting a polished narrative for publication.

What nursing taught us

Gerber, Lois

Nursing2014. 44(7):44-45, July 2014.

When two old friends reminisce about nursing school, they find that their friendship and the lessons learned from nursing have lasted a lifetime.

Plan ahead, then sail off to a fulfilling retirement

Gerber, Lois

Nursing2013. 43(7):58-62, July 2013.

Does thinking about retirement excite you or scare you? Either way, you need a two-pronged plan to address the changes in your finances and daily life. Read on for practical advice you need to meet the challenge.

Bringing home effective nursing care for the homeless

Gerber, Lois

Nursing2018. 43(3):32-38, March 2013.

Despite the obvious challenges, nurses can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable patients. With a deeper understanding of their problems, nurses can provide support, offer resources, and perform other meaningful interventions.

An inside look at correctional health nursing

Gerber, Lois

Nursing2012. 42(4):52-56, April 2012.

Correctional health nurses fill a complex role essential to a well-run prison healthcare system. Explore whether this rewarding career path is for you.