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Articles by Linda S. Smith, DSN, MS, RN, CLNC

Deciding if and when to retire

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2019. 46(8):45-49, August 2016.

Considering retirement? Explore your options for growth and change—including financial considerations and second career opportunities.

Changing course: Midcareer nurses and the job search

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2019. 46(1):51-52, January 2016.

Laid off—or just ready for a change of pace or scenery? Try the strategies presented here to leverage your nursing experience and land your dream job.

Reaching for cultural competence

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2013. 43(6):30-37, June 2013.

Besides lessening the impact of healthcare disparities, culturally competent care improves outcomes, care quality, and patient satisfaction. This article brings you up to date on current guidelines, regulations, and practice standards for providing culturally appropriate care to all your patients.

How to finance your dreams of further education

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2012. 42(1):28,30-33, January 2012.

If you're ready to take the next step in your educational journey, this comprehensive guide will help you find the resources you'll need.

Showcase your talents with a career portfolio

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2011. 41(7):54-56, July 2011.

Whether you're a new graduate or an experienced nurse, assembling a professional portfolio can help you nail that job interview.

Thinking of going back to school? Just do it!

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2011. 41(3):52-55, March 2011.

Consider the many benefits of obtaining more education and take the plunge! This article outlines the practical steps you need to reach your goal.

Go get your dream job

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2011. 111(1):8-10,12, January 2011.

To land your ideal job, follow the steps outlined here-from making sure it's a good match to putting your best foot forward at the interview.

Write a resignation letter without burning your bridges

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2010. 40(6):51-52, June 2010.

There might be 50 ways to leave your employer—but only one right way. Take the high road with the positive and professional approach outlined here.

Speaking up for medical language interpreters

Smith, Linda S.

Nursing2007. 37(12):48-49, December 2007.

Protect patients with limited English proficiency by relying on medical interpreters. These professionals not only protect you legally, but they'll also protect the patient from language discrimination and improve his access to health care.