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Articles by Linda Laskowski-Jones, MS, APRN, ACNS-BC, CEN, FAWM, FAAN

How an indomitable spirit drove an improbable recovery

Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 51(5):44-45, May 2021.

Our editor-in-chief shares her experience with a patient whose long-shot journey to recovery was powered by great nursing care and the patient's own will to live.

Mass shootings: A call for nursing awareness and action

Glasofer, Amy; Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 48(12):50-55, December 2018.

Delve into these best-practice recommendations for nurses and lessons learned from hospitals that have cared for victims of mass shootings.

Frostbite: Don't be left out in the cold

Laskowski-Jones, Linda; Jones, Lawrence J.

Nursing. 48(2):26-33, February 2018.

Frostbite poses risks to people living, working, playing, or traveling in cold climates. Knowing how to recognize and intervene to competently treat frostbite is key to the best possible outcomes. Update your knowledge of prehospital and hospital management of patients with frostbite and use the prevention strategies discussed here in patient teaching.

How to energize your staff meetings

Steinwedel, Janet S.; Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 44(7):46-49, July 2014.

Revving up staff meetings requires preparation, collaboration, and careful thought. This article provides guidance for focusing the group, communicating effectively, and getting things done.

Stretching beyond your comfort zone

Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 42(1):4, January 2012.

Nursing practice is changing, and you need to reach far to be the best you can be. Find the tools for professional growth in this issue.

Summer emergencies: Can you take the heat?

Laskowski-Jones, Linda

Nursing. 40(6):24-31, June 2010.

The great outdoors is full of hazards. Be prepared to respond to these common warm-weather emergencies: heat illness, drowning, lightning strike, bee and wasp stings, and snakebite.

Winter emergencies: Managing ski and snowboard injuries

Laskowski-Jones, Linda; Jones, Lawrence J. III

Nursing. 39(11):24-30, November 2009.

You're first on the scene after an accident on the slopes—do you know how to respond? This article will prepare you to handle common winter hazards.


Mascioli, Susan; Laskowski-Jones, Linda; Urban, Sharon; More

Nursing. 39(2):52-55, February 2009.

Breakdowns in communication are behind 65% of all sentinel events. Find out how one team improved handoff communication and enhanced patient care.

Top 10 tips for coping with short staffing

Laskowski-Jones, Linda; Toulson, Karen

Nursing. 37:9, Fall 2007.

Everyone faces short staffing from time to time. Here are some practical tips to help you cope.

Responding to TRAUMA: Your priorities in the first hour


Nursing. 36(9):52-58, September 2006.

A patient with serious injuries is headed to your hospital. Do you know how to set priorities in the crucial first hour? Read this for guidelines.

First aid for SPRAINS: Respond quickly to help the victim prevent complications and start healing


Nursing. 36(8):48-49, August 2006.

Helping someone with a sprained ankle? See how to assess the injury at the scene and apply the right treatments to manage pain and swelling.

First aid for burns


Nursing. 36(1):41-43, January 2006.

If you're first on the scene, do you know how to respond—and what not to do? Apply these guidelines to support a patient who's been burned and prevent further injury.

The softer side of security


Nursing. 35(7):54-55, July 2005.

Initiated to improve hospital security, our K-9 patrols have provided unexpected benefits for patients and staff alike.

Responding to an out-of-hospital emergency


Nursing. 32(9):36-43, September 2002.

At the scene of an accident or other emergency on the street, you may be on your own for some time. These guidelines will prepare you to take charge.