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Articles by Christine Hedges, PhD, RN, NE-BC

Managing insomnia in older adults

Hedges, Christine; Gotelli, John

Nursing. 50(9):24-32, September 2020.

Nurses frequently care for patients with complaints of insomnia in both the hospital and community settings. Because older adults with insomnia present unique challenges, nurses should understand the latest assessment and treatment options discussed here.

Pulling it all together: QI, EBP, and research

Hedges, Christine

Nursing. 4(1):9-11, September 2009.

It's likely that you've been exposed to the movement in healthcare known as evidence-based practice (EBP). Medical and healthcare professionals are recognizing the importance of providing care that's based on sound, scientific research evidence and rejecting, or at least questioning, practice according to status quo, ritual, routine, or reliance on the sacred cows of the past.