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Articles by Barbara Wyand Walker, BSN, RN, CIC

Critical access hospitals: Meeting underserved community needs

Gaston, Sharon Moutoux; Walker, Barbara Wyand

Nursing2019. 48(5):51-54, May 2018.

Critical access facilities—hospitals of 25 or fewer beds—were created to meet the needs of medically underserved communities. This article details their scope and function and discusses new professional opportunities these venues offer nurses.

Putting the brakes on necrotizing fasciitis


Nursing2004. 34(10):40-41, October 2004.

An unexpected attack by “flesh-eating bacteria” can quickly threaten life and limb. Learn to recognize innocuous early signs before an infection rages out of control.

Assessing gastrointestinal infections


Nursing2004. 34(5):48-52, May 2004.

Whether foodborne or hospital-acquired, a GI infection makes your patient miserable. Read how to sort through the many possible causes and treat him appropriately.