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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Highlighting diversity and inclusion in nursing at the 2022 Lippincott Nursing Virtual Event

​​By Miller Huertgen

               "Would you rather hurt someone, or would you rather change the way you're speaking to them?" asked Vanessa Pomarico-Denino, EdD, FNP-BC, FAANP, at her session, “Expanding the Rainbow: Providing culturally sensitive care to the LGBTQIA+ patient," which was part of the Lippincott Nursing Virtual Event on June 16, 2022. The session focused on the healthcare needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and how nurses can ensure the provision of inclusive and high-quality health care. Pomarico-Denino is the lead clinician for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Northeast Medical Group, and serves as co-chair of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners on the health equity, diversion, and inclusion special interest group. She has also spoken at several conferences regarding LGBTQIA+ topics and authored Quick Look Nursing.

               She discussed how nurses can improve LGBTQIA+ patient experiences, the difference between gender and sexuality, the different terminologies for gender identity, strategies for nurses and healthcare professionals in communicating with and treating LGBTQIA+ patients, and more. “As nurses, as clinicians, it's really important that we understand and respect how our patients identify and use the appropriate terminology," said Pomarico-Denino. In order to gain the respect and trust of patients, nurses must respect them and treat them with care.

               The 2022 Lippincott Nursing Virtual Event featured sessions for nurses who provide direct patient care, as well as nurse managers and administrators, giving them an opportunity to earn up to 18.25 continuing education credits. The event's keynote address, “Exploring Workplace Generation through the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Prism," was given by Faith Roberts MSN, NEA-BC, former executive director of spiritual care at Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Physician Group in Urbana, IL, and a nursing consultant in Champaign, IL. Other sessions include “Managing Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome" and “The Essentials of Head Trauma: Recognizing the Risks and Providing Early Post-Injury Care." All sessions were presented by experts in their respective fields, and recorded versions are available on-demand until September 14, 2022 for those who want to get CE credits.

               The conference concluded with a presentation about the history of nursing by Christine Kessler MN, ANP-BC, CNS, BC-ADM, FAANP. In the session, “Through the Looking Glass: Nursing's journey from then, now and beyond," Kessler highlighted how far nursing has come over the centuries. She starts her journey all the way back in the early 19th century when Florence Nightingale became the “pioneer of nursing and hospital reform." She then continues into the 20th century when nurses were an important part of wartime efforts and traveled alongside soldiers to care for them. Coming into the 21st century, Kessler talks about nursing now and the advancements that have been made.

               Nursing now makes up the largest portion of healthcare professions, according to Kessler's research. Noting the importance of nursing care and of the nursing profession, Kessler discussed how nursing has and will continue to change post-pandemic. Telehealth, for example, is already on its way to becoming widely popular and accessible.

               Don't miss the session recordings at 2022 Lippincott Nursing Virtual Event (, and be on your way to expanding your knowledge and earning CE credits.