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June 2023 - Volume 53 - Issue 6
pp: 6-64




Drug News

Nursing. 53(6):9-10, June 2023.

EHR alert may increase life-saving prescriptions... FDA approves drug for reduction of proteinuria... New guidelines to recognize N2O-induced subacute combined degeneration of the cord... Effectiveness of nonopioid pharmacotherapy... Opioids most common substance contributing to pediatric death



Clinical Rounds

Nursing. 53(6):14-16, June 2023.

Survey results indicate a potential significant loss in the nursing workforce... Ultrasound ablation for improved motor function... Novel risk variants for prostate cancer identified in men of African ancestry... Women at higher risk for adverse outcomes after coronary artery bypass... Smartphones could expand anemia screening... Stimulation for upper-limb paresis... Possible biomarker identified for vascular dementia





Preventing transfusion-associated circulatory overload in acute care settings

Fadeyi, Oluwatoyin A.; Keresztes, Patricia; Saha, Amit K.; More

Nursing. 53(6):37-41, June 2023.

This article discusses how to develop evidence-based continuous education and guideline recommendations that will increase nursing staff awareness of transfusion-associated circulatory overload and guide nurses in prevention and prompt intervention.

Delirium after COVID-19 vaccination in older adults

Armstrong, Kathleen

Nursing. 53(6):42-45, June 2023.

This article discusses the increased incidence of delirium and delirium-associated symptoms in older adults following COVID-19 vaccinations.

Diphtheria update

Schweon, Steven J.

Nursing. 53(6):46-49, June 2023.

This article provides an overview of diphtheria as well as management updates that are particularly critical amid a pandemic with healthcare disruptions and vaccine hesitancy.

NCPD Connection

Heart failure: An update for nurses

Vuckovic, Karen M.; Ryan, Catherine; Gomez, Yorman; More

Nursing. 53(6):18-27, June 2023.

Heart failure (HF) is a chronic syndrome that requires patients to manage signs and symptoms and adhere to a complex medication regimen. This article discusses updates in HF care related to a universal definition and new therapies, focusing on the four pillars of therapy for HF with reduced ejection fraction.

Short bowel syndrome with intestinal failure in adults

Vaz, Christine; Shannon, Mary; Zaloom, Joan

Nursing. 53(6):29-35, June 2023.

Short bowel syndrome is a rare condition that can lead to intestinal failure. This article provides an overview of this condition in adult patients, including diagnosis and treatment in inpatient and outpatient settings.