Best of 2017

Updated:   12/20/2017
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Here we've gathered our picks for the best of 2017, including award-winning content as well as new departments and series.

Florence Nightingale: Lighting the way for the future of nursing

Strickler, Jeff

Nursing2018. 47(12):43-45, December 2017.

In this first article of a new series, discover the many “hats” of the founder of modern nursing—infection preventionist, statistician, educator, researcher, and public health pioneer.

Evidence-based approaches to breaking down language barriers

Squires, Allison

Nursing2018. 47(9):34-40, September 2017.

Explore the complexities of language barriers between nurses and patients, including how these barriers affect nursing care and patient outcomes. Then use evidence-based strategies to improve communication and reduce readmissions.

Mammalian meat allergy: Unexpected danger

Strickler, Jeff

Nursing2018. 47(8):48-51, August 2017.

Signs and symptoms occurring 2 to 10 hours after meat ingestion—“middle of the night” anaphylaxis—are the hallmark of mammalian meat allergy, which can develop after exposure to a Lone Star tick bite. Find out about this unusual allergy, then take steps to recognize affected patients and teach them important safety tips.

Double vision: When a dying patient's family member is also a nurse

Tesh, Anita; Kautz, Donald D.

Nursing2018. 47(5):50-54, May 2017.

Discover strategies to help nurses participate in decision making and caregiving for a family member who's actively dying in the hospital.

Call to action: How to implement evidence-based nursing practice

Mick, JoAnn

Nursing2018. 47(4):36-43, April 2017.

Implementing evidence-based nursing practice supports nurses in practicing to the full extent of their education and licensure. To ensure high-quality patient care, follow this practical guide to integrate your clinical skill and experience with the best available clinical research evidence.

Victims of human trafficking: Hiding in plain sight

Byrne, Melissa; Parsh, Bridget; Ghilain, Courtney

Nursing2018. 47(3):48-52, March 2017.

Nurses in any setting can encounter victims of modern-day slavery without realizing it. Learn to recognize the signs, ask the right questions, and take action to help free these vulnerable people from human traffickers.

Escape the vape: Health hazards of the latest nicotine craze

Huey, Sally; Granitto, Margaret

Nursing2018. 47(1):46-51, January 2017.

Young people who experiment with e-cigarettes may become addicted to nicotine in adulthood. But some see these products as a helpful tool for tobacco users who wish to stop smoking. This article presents the latest evidence about these controversial products and reviews current federal regulations governing their sale and marketing.