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  • Updated:   4/25/2019
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A collection of articles about the latest technology innovations in nursing, including coverage of informatics.

How informatics nurses use bar code technology to reduce medication errors

Gann, Michael

Nursing2015. 45(3):60-66, March 2015.

Informatics nurses play an increasingly important role in implementing and managing technology that improves patient safety during medication administration. Learn all about this fast-growing career opportunity here.

Early warning systems: The next level of rapid response

Duncan, Kathy D.; McMullan, Christine; Mills, Barbara M.

Nursing2012. 42(2):38-44, February 2012.

Learn how one medical center developed an early warning scoring system that activates the rapid response team even faster, before a patient's condition deteriorates dramatically. Find out how implementing this new, improved system can reduce cardiac arrests in both adult and pediatric patients.