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Online resources for AIDS and HIV awareness

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In Brief

December 1 is World AIDS Day. Share these resources with your patients and your community to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV.

AIDS United

AIDS United aspires to erase stigma and discrimination toward those affected by and living with HIV in the US. The group funds local community programs on HIV education, prevention, and treatment, and organizes advocacy programs and events, such as its Policy Action Center and AidsWatch, the largest, national, constituent-based HIV advocacy event in the country.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

EGPAF aims to help children with HIV/AIDS and their families through improved access to healthcare and treatment programs, and accelerating research efforts and funding. The EGPAF strives to create an AIDS-free generation through its signature approaches, including interlinking clinics, schools, and communities in HIV treatment and improving point-of-care diagnostics.


Formerly known as the National Minority AIDS Council, NMAC promotes social justice to address discrimination experienced by people with HIV/AIDS. The group focuses on normalizing conversations about race in the context of HIV/AIDS and contributing to research to improve the quality of life of people of color with HIV/AIDS. NMAC also fights for racial justice in the healthcare system to ensure that minority communities and people of color have access to high-quality healthcare.

Black AIDS Institute (BAI)

BAI is focused on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black communities in the US and erasing oppressive systems and policies in the healthcare industry to improve HIV/AIDS healthcare for these groups. Its programs include Revolution in Color, a social support system, and programs for the Black queer community, a substance abuse program for those with HIV/AIDS and co-occurring disorders, and the HIV Prevention Research Advocate Certification Program.

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