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Online resources for patients with breast cancer

doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000552707.11491.2f
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PATIENTS WITH breast cancer can find practical advice and support with these online resources. These sites can provide patients with fact sheets, easy-to-read information, and support groups available in their area.

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American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society website is one of the most popular resources for patients with cancer. It offers a wealth of information on disease signs and symptoms, breast cancer risk factors, screenings, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. Links to online support communities are also available.

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This nonprofit organization strives to provide the most reliable and current information on breast cancer. One standout aspect of this site is a “Day-to-Day Matters” section that addresses practical patient concerns, such as paying for treatment, making lifestyle changes, maintaining nutrition, and managing symptoms and adverse reactions.

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Offering access to many free resources, this group's mission is to connect patients and their families with trustworthy information and a community of support. This easy-to-navigate site addresses the diverse needs of patients and families affected by breast cancer and tailors information for various ages, ethnicities, and types of breast cancer.

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The Pink Fund

The Pink Fund provides 90-day nonmedical cost-of-living expenses to patients in active treatment for breast cancer so they can meet basic needs and recover their financial health. Patients can find out how to qualify for financial assistance on the “Get Help” page.

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Susan G. Komen for the Cure

This website offers a little bit of everything, from basic facts and glossary terms to videos and other interactive learning tools. The organization also sponsors frequent nationwide events that raise money, encourage involvement, and empower patients.

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