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Online resources for HIV/AIDS

doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000481426.56436.33
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PATIENTS WITH HIV/AIDS will be looking for practical advice and support, so let them know about these online resources. These sites can provide patients seeking information with fact sheets, easy-to-read information, and support groups available in their area.

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This site, sponsored by the U.S. government, provides visitors with basic information about the disease, federal resources, podcasts, and a searchable testing center and services locator. An informative blog with new posts daily is integrated with social media to help promote issues related to HIV/AIDS.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services runs this site, which offers medical practice guidelines, educational materials, and information about HIV- and AIDS-related clinical trials and drugs. Nurses can take advantage of reference documents such as lab testing procedures and HIV counseling and referral guidelines to help patients.

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One of the earliest charities to get involved with AIDS education and support, this U.K.-based organization offers a global perspective on HIV/AIDS. Using this site, patients and other visitors can access a wealth of information about preventing sexually transmitted diseases, fact sheets, and quizzes to test their knowledge, as well as share their stories with others throughout the world.

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World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS

This comprehensive page provides information on a wide range of topics relating to HIV/AIDS, including prevention, news and events, new therapies, and the latest worldwide statistics. Publications are available for download or purchase.

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