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Online resources for patients with diabetes

doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000376306.36712.23
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PATIENTS WITH diabetes will be looking for practical advice and support, so let them know about these online resources. You can use these sites to download fact sheets to help them learn more about diabetes and to guide them to support groups in their communities.

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American Diabetes Association

This comprehensive site presents diabetes basics, information on living with the disease, and the latest news and research. It also provides visitors with recipes, fitness tips, and reports on diabetes awareness events.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Visitors to this site can find up-to-date information on diabetes prevention and control as well as what's going on in diabetes research. Educational fact sheets, brochures, and booklets are available for immediate download.

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Diabetes Education Online

The University of California at San Francisco sponsors this site, which provides teaching materials and resources for patients and healthcare providers. Visitors can find out about workshops and classes on self-care topics such as basic diabetes care and using insulin pumps.

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Diabetes Monitor

This complete resource for people with diabetes offers the latest news from government sources, diabetes research, and medical supply companies. Visitors can browse articles, receive updates on the latest developments, and share thoughts or ask questions at the Diabetes Discussions forums.

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National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

The National Institutes of Health runs this website, which provides the latest information on diabetes research and care in both English and Spanish. Visitors can access an A to Z database and news on the latest clinical trials, and print easy-to-read publications.

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