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New nonnarcotic eases chronic pain


For the first time in over 20 years, a new intrathecal analgesic has won FDA approval. Ziconotide intrathecal infusion (PRIALT) is indicated for patients with severe chronic pain who can't tolerate or haven't responded to other treatments, including systemic analgesics, adjunctive therapies, or intrathecal morphine. Classified as a nonopioid analgesic known as an N-type calcium channel blocker, PRIALT isn't addictive. It's the synthetic equivalent of a pain-killing chemical found in certain sea snails.

When tested in three clinical trials involving more than 1,200 patients whose severe chronic pain wasn't adequately managed with other analgesics, PRIALT proved effective and safe. Common adverse reactions included dizziness, nausea, confusion, and headache.

PRIALT must be administered via special infusion equipment. For more information, visit the manufacturer's Web site at

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