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March/April 2021 - Volume 46 - Issue 2
pp: 63-129,E14-E32

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Creator: Brown, Janine MSN, RN, CCNE; McDonald, Meghan MN, RN; Besse, Cheryl MN, PNC(C), CCCI, RN; Manson, Patti MScA, RN; McDonald, Reid MSc, PEng; Rohatinsky, Noelle PhD, RN; Singh, Madeline BSN, RN
Duration: 3:52
Journal: Nurse Educator March/April 2021, Volume 46, Issue 2;
In this video, Dr. Brown shares a study she led that explored undergraduate nursing student strengths and areas for remediation at program entry and across all years of nursing education. Compared with other undergraduate students, nursing students exhibited strengths in study skills, in self-organization strategies, in their certainty of progress toward career goals, in recognizing the importance of their studies, and in levels of socializing that did not hinder academic performance. Nursing students indicated areas for remediation in studying and test-taking anxiety. Learn more about this study by reading the article.