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November/December 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 6
pp: 289-351,E57-E68

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Critical Incident Techniques and Reflection in Nursing and Health Professions Education: Systematic Narrative Review

Steven, Alison; Wilson, Gemma; Turunen, Hannele; More

Nurse Educator. 45(6):E57-E61, November/December 2020.

Creator: Patterson, Jodi PhD, RN; Duke, Gloria PhD, RN; Stocks, Eric PhD; Hermanns, Melinda PhD, RN
Duration: 3:27
Empathy can be challenging when caring for individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUDs). This study examined the effectiveness of simulation for enhancing the empathy of nursing students toward patients with AUD. Empathy was measured with the Comprehensive State Empathy Scale and focus groups. There were no differences in scores between pre and posttest. Students gained other learning from the simulation. Learn more about this study in the video and article.
Creator: Riley, Elizabeth DNP, RNC-NIC, CNE; Carmack, Jeffrey K. DNP, RN, CHSE
Duration: 5:45
Open educational resources (OERs) provide many benefits in nursing education, such as continuously updated course content and textbook cost savings. This study explored the effectiveness of OER adoption in an online nursing informatics course in an RN-BSN completion program. The study compared course grades and student course satisfaction between an OER-based (n = 70) and textbook-only (n = 73) course. The results showed that courses designed with OER content can improve student performance and maintain course satisfaction. Enjoy this video. Read the article to learn more about the study and OER.
Creator: Kaulback, Michelle K. EdD, RN, FNP-BC
Duration: 3:27
This study examined the relationship between baccalaureate nursing students' self-directed learning abilities and lifelong learning orientation. Students (n = 124) completed the Self-Directed Learning Inventory (SDLI) and the Jefferson Scale of Lifelong Learning–Health Professions Students (JeffSLL-HPS). There were significant, positive correlations between SDLI scores and the JeffSLL-HPS. Nursing faculty should implement teaching strategies that foster SDL abilities to increase lifelong learning orientation in nursing students. The author presents the study in this video (be sure to read the article too).
Creator: O'Neil, Carol A. PhD, RN, CNE; Buckley, Kathleen M. PhD, RN, IBCLC
Duration: 3:24
Reminders guide students in meeting course expectations for submitting assignments. The authors evaluated the impact on student grades and attitudes of using routine reminders for assignments in online graduate and undergraduate nursing courses. Students were emailed weekly reminders for discussion board assignments. There was no significant impact of reminders on grades or overall attitude. However, undergraduate students reported that reminders were necessary, had a positive impact on their grades, and should be included in all courses.