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May/June 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 3
pp: 115-172,E21-E30

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Nursing Students' Perceptions of Just Culture in Nursing Programs: A Multisite Study

Walker, Danielle; Altmiller, Gerry; Hromadik, Lora; More

Nurse Educator. 45(3):133-138, May/June 2020.

Creator: Phillips, Tiffany A. DNP, RN, NP-C; Munn, Allison C. PhD, RN; George, Tracy P. DNP, RN, APRN-BC, CNE
Duration: 6:44
Journal: Nurse Educator May/June 2020, Volume 45, Issue 3;
The authors developed a no-cost telehealth simulation and examined its impact on students in their first nurse practitioner (NP) clinical course. Twenty-eight NP students participated in the telehealth objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The students' general understanding of telehealth was significantly greater after the OSCE experience. Directed content analysis revealed 3 themes: usefulness of telehealth, benefit in role preparation, and technology. Telehealth simulation can be an effective strategy to assess clinical competency, provide individualized feedback, and ensure students are using evidence-based practice.
Creator: Walker, Danielle PhD, RN, CNE; Altmiller, Gerry EdD, APRN, ACNS-BC, FAAN; Hromadik, Lora PhD, RN; Barkell, Nina MSN, RN, ACNS-BC; Barker, Nancy EdD, RN; Boyd, Teri EdD, MNSc, RN; Compton, Michelle MSN, RN; Cook, Pamela MSN, RN; Curia, Marianne PhD, MSN, R
Duration: 4:39
Journal: Nurse Educator May/June 2020, Volume 45, Issue 3;
While just culture is embraced in the clinical setting, just culture has not been systematically incorporated into nursing education. Dr. Walker describes their study of prelicensure nursing student perceptions of just culture in academia. The Just Culture Assessment Tool for Nursing Education (JCAT-NE) was used to measure just culture across multiple (N = 15) nursing programs. The majority of JCAT-NE respondents (78%) reported their program has a safety reporting system, 15.4% had involvement in a safety-related event, and 12% submitted an error report. There was a significant total score decline as students progressed from the beginning to the middle and end of the program. The results are a call to action for nursing education to emphasize the tenets of just culture, error reporting, and quality improvement.