Use of Nursing Concepts in Program and Course Descriptions: An Analysis of Prelicensure Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in the United States

Video Author:Dickinson, Jane K. RN, PhD, CDCES; Juan, Samantha MSN, RN, CCRN, CHSE, CNE; McGuane, Arlene MSN, RN; McKenzie-Henry, Isla A. MSN, RN, CNE-cl, NEA-BC

Published on:January 13, 2023

Ongoing discussions address how and when to introduce nursing concepts in nursing education. The authors explored websites of 300 BSN programs and assigned scores based on how many of 4 nursing concepts (context, holism, health, and caring) were represented in program and 3 course descriptions. Programs and courses included between 0 and 4 concepts in their descriptions. The most frequently identified concept was “context” in program descriptions and “holism” in course descriptions. Discipline-specific concepts are missing in many baccalaureate programs and course descriptions, which raises questions about how and when nursing students are learning what nursing is.