Comorbid HIV Infection and Opioid Use Disorder Simulation for Nurse Practitioner Students

Video Author:Woroch, Ruth A. DNP, RN, CHSE; Chu, Minseung DNP, RN; Gingell, Monica J. DNP, RN

Published on:November 02, 2022

HIV infection and opioid use disorder (OUD) often occur as comorbid conditions. Many nurse practitioners (NP) are treating these conditions in their practice. However, most students do not encounter a medically complex patient with both HIV infection and OUD during their clinical experiences. The author developed an unfolding simulated standardized patient scenario involving both HIV infection and OUD for NP students. During each of 3 semesters, the students encounter the patient as he presents for a sexually transmitted infection, an OUD relapse, and a new-onset HIV infection. The scenarios become increasingly complex as the students progress in their clinical experiences. Watch the video and then learn more in the article.