Using Classroom Response Systems to Create Next-Generation NCLEX Clinical Judgment Scenarios

Video Author:Thomas, Rebecca DNP, RN; Urquhart, Brady MSN, RN; Emley, Lisbeth MSN, RN; Mosley, Bailey MSN, RN

Published on:March 01, 2023

To prepare students for Next-Generation NCLEX (NGN), you can effectively bring clinical practice to the classroom by using group and individual activities and classroom response systems (CRS) such as Pear Deck, Kahoot, or Classtime. The nursing faculty created 6-part case studies using a CRS (covering each step of the NCBSN Clinical Judgement Model) as team-based learning activities. This resulted in mastery of these concepts and item types on course examinations. Watch this video and read the teaching tip to learn more. In the article the authors provide examples in Supplemental Digital Content.