Demographic Differences in Satisfaction and Work-Life Balance of Prelicensure Nursing Faculty

Video Author:Crawford, Ryan P. PhD, RN, CNE; Barbé, Tammy PhD, RN, CNE; Randolph, Justus PhD

Published on:January 30, 2023

The purpose of this study was to examine whether generational cohort, race/ethnicity, and gender predicted job satisfaction, life satisfaction, or work-life balance for full-time faculty (N = 363) teaching in prelicensure, baccalaureate nursing programs from multiple schools in the US. Significant relationships and differences were noted for faculty. Faculty of color reported lower job and life satisfaction than their White counterparts. As calls to increase diversity among nursing faculty increase, continued research should focus on differences in the experience of faculty of color. You will learn more about this study from the video and article.