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Published by: Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
Created: 12/9/2014
Contains: 12 Episodes
2015 marks the 40th year of publication of Nurse Educator. As part of our celebration, we are interviewing leaders in nursing education, many of whom have published articles in Nurse Educator over their careers.

Published by: Marilyn H. Oermann, Editor-in-Chief
Created: 9/10/2015
Contains: 18 Episodes
Each episode features an interview with an author offering insight and additional information about an article in Nurse Educator.

Published by: Marilyn Oermann
Created: 5/12/2017
Contains: 11 Episodes
Each episode of this podcast features an interview with a different expert in nurse education who discusses topics and trends relevant to the field.

Published by: Marilyn Oermann
Created: 10/31/2018
Contains: 18 Episodes
In this podcast series, learn about new educational innovations from the nurse educators who developed them. Experts also describe initiatives in their schools, share best practices for teaching in nursing, discuss new approaches to designing curricula, and explain educational studies they have done.