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Educational Innovations

In this podcast series, learn about new educational innovations from the nurse educators who developed them. Experts also describe initiatives in their schools, share best practices for teaching in nursing, discuss new approaches to designing curricula, and explain educational studies they have done.
Creator: Michelle DeCoux Hampton, RN, PhD
Associate Professor and DNP Program Coordinator
San Jose State University
Duration: 16:34
Nurse Educator 
Nursing students are underprepared for the rigors of graduate writing. Dr. Hampton conducted a study on faculty-implemented writing development strategies in a DNP program over a 5-year period. In this podcast she discusses unique challenges for DNP students with regard to scholarly writing and strategies for developing students’ writing skills.

Be sure to read her article in which she reports these findings:
A 5-Year Evaluation of Faculty Use of Practical Within-Course Writing Development Strategies in a DNP Program
Creator: Karen Hande, DNP, ANP-BC, CNE Assistant Director, DNP Program Associate Professor of Nursing Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Nashville, TN
Duration: 15:43
In the episode, Dr. Hande discusses appreciative advising, benefits of this approach for students and faculty, and its use with DNP students. She compares appreciative advising with academic advising. You also will learn in this episode how to  implement appreciative advising in your own school. This approach works well for DNP students and also can be used with master’s and prelicensure nursing students.

In addition to the article listed in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue, please refer to the article below, currently published ahead of print: Appreciative Advising Pilot Study: An Innovative Approach to Advising Doctor of Nursing Practice Students
Creator: Maryann Forbes, PhD, RN, CNE Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs College of Nursing and Public Health Adelphi University, Garden City, NY /
Duration: 14:39
In this episoe, Dr. Forbes describes the development of innovative seminars for students to integrate their learning across the curriculum. She provides an overview of this innovative curricular approach, the conceptual basis for these integrative seminars, and driving factors behind their development. Dr. Forbes shares examples of teaching strategies used in the seminars, challenges of faculty with implementing these seminar courses (1 credit each), and advice for listeners. Be sure to read the article for more details.