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November/December 2022 - Volume 47 - Issue 6

  • Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
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Faculty integrated the 6 core competencies from the National HIV Curriculum (NHC) in their NP program. A total of 375 student NHC training sessions were implemented with significant increases in knowledge from pre- to posttest for each of the 6 competencies. The project supports using a standardized HIV curriculum. Authors describe the transition of their physical examination skills lab from face-to-face to online. Performance of advanced assessment skills was comparable between the modalities. Simulation-based mastery learning (SBML) was implemented to facilitate students' transition to clinical practice. The study highlights the need to ensure the fidelity of the simulations to achieve authentic experiences, provide deliberate practice to develop self-efficacy, and use cognitive tools for mental model formation to create a high-quality SBML program. ​

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