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Using TikTok as an Active Learning Strategy

Gapp, DeAnna PhD, RN

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doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000001260
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TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create short 15- to 30-second videos using music, text, acting, photographs, and voice-over audio to convey a message. The instructor for the fundamental nursing course decided to create weekly TikTok videos that cover the theory material and embed them into the theory modules of the course management system (CMS). Using a popular song and motions that are trending on TikTok, the instructor modified the motions to promote learning for a specific topic. For example, one video on fluid status showed a scale and then 2.2-pound weights to remind the students about the importance of patient daily weight using the same scale, time, and clothes. The 56 TikTok videos are completely optional for students to view throughout the CMS. By the end of the semester, students were requesting specific content (eg, β-blockers, suctioning) for future TikTok videos.

A survey about the TikTok videos was given at the end of the semester. Fifty-seven of the 60 students (95% response rate) completed the survey. The average age of the students was 28 years, with a range of 19 to 52 years. Ninety-one percent (52 students) viewed the TikTok videos favorably. Only 7% (4 students) rated the TikTok videos “not helpful.” Because of the overwhelming positive feedback, the TikTok videos will continue as an active learning strategy.

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