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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) recently launched the Lippincott DocuCare EHR, an electronic health record (EHR) program to assist students in becoming proficient with current health information technologies. Originated at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, the educational program has been customized through input from a variety of nursing students and instructors. Activities designed for the Web-based learning tool are enhanced through links to LWW resources and Laerdal Medical simulation activities.

Tami, Wyatt, PhD, RN, CNE, associate professor, University of Tennessee College of Nursing, notes that limited exposure to EHRs during clinical experiences does not provide nursing students with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully use today’s technological resources. The LWW program includes more than 70 prepopulated simulated patient records and cases. Each case is linked to Lippincott’s Nursing Advisor, Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures and Skills and aligned with simulation suites designed by Laerdal. Students thus have point-of-care access to diagnostic information, drug monographs, videos and descriptions of relevant skills and procedure, and evidence-based content used in more than 1200 hospitals across the United States. Students are therefore not limited by clinical restrictions to using hospital EHRs. They are able to directly chart on DocuCare EHR and use technology at the bedside in simulated and low-risk environments.

LWW provides faculty training in using DocuCare EHR and will assist with integrating the program into the curriculum. Susan Driscoll, president and CEO of Wolters Kluwer Health’s Professional Education division, notes, “This tool helps students learn how to track care, make risk-predictive care decisions, and document patient conditions… DocuCare EHR enables students to safely learn documentation skills so they can enter practice prepared for the realities—and requirements—of nursing.”

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Submitted by: Robin E. Pattillo, PhD, RN, CNL, News Editor at [email protected].

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