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Cleveland Clinic Leads the Way in Electronic Medical Record Training

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With the widespread use of electronic medical records (EMR), faculty are challenged to develop or locate methodologies and resources to teach these competencies. The Cleveland Clinic has a useful resource for online EMR training for nurses and students. The Student Nurse Portal has been developed in partnership with the Clinic's Deans' Roundtable Faculty Initiative and University Hospitals. The site offers online and classroom instruction to acquaint nurses and students with EMRs.

In collaboration, faculty from northeastern Ohio and information technology experts from the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, developed a program with courses that introduce the principles and theories behind EMRs, tutorials on EMR systems available at various hospitals, and instruction related to application of EMRs in the hospital setting. Representatives of the Cleveland Clinic note that the program is cost-effective and efficient. The website serves to increase knowledge of EMRs and ultimately increase care quality and patient safety. Additionally, providing access to these programs for nursing students is beneficial to staff, faculty and the students.

Hopefully, other healthcare agencies will see the benefit of this type of website and offer resources to practicing nurses, faculty, and students. If this becomes a trend, then we will have excellent and appropriate resources to better develop EMR competencies in our students.

Source: January 12, 2010. Cleveland Clinic develops EMR training portal. Available at Accessed on January 18, 2010.

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