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Minimal-Invasive Robot-Assisted Image-Guided Resection of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen–Positive Lymph Nodes in Recurrent Prostate Cancer

van Leeuwen, Fijs W. B.; van Oosterom, Matthias N.; Meershoek, Philippa; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(7):580-581, July 2019.

Comparison of RECIST, iRECIST, and PERCIST for the Evaluation of Response to PD-1/PD-L1 Blockade Therapy in Patients With Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

Beer, Lucian; Hochmair, Maximilian; Haug, Alexander R.; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(7):535-543, July 2019.

A Critical Assessment of the Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis: Its Validity and Applicability for Use in Risk Assessment and Radiation Protection

Siegel, Jeffry A.; Brooks, Antone L.; Fisher, Darrell R.; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(7):521-525, July 2019.

Multicenter Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced FDG PET/CT and 64-Slice Multi–Detector-Row CT for Initial Staging and Response Evaluation at the End of Treatment in Patients With Lymphoma

Gómez León, Nieves; Delgado-Bolton, Roberto C.; del Campo del Val, Lourdes; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 42(8):595-602, August 2017.

Novel Functional Renal PET Imaging With 18F-FDS in Human Subjects

Werner, Rudolf A.; Ordonez, Alvaro A.; Sanchez-Bautista, Julian; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(5):410-411, May 2019.

Crossed Cerebellar Tracer Uptake on Acute-Stage 123I-Iomazenil SPECT Imaging Predicts 3-Month Functional Outcome in Patients With Nonfatal Hypertensive Putaminal or Thalamic Hemorrhage

Kojima, Daigo; Komoribayashi, Nobukazu; Omama, Shinichi; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 43(6):396-401, June 2018.

Comparison of Functional Deficit Zone Defined by FDG PET to the Epileptogenic Zones Described in Stereo-Electroencephalograph in Drug-Resistant Epileptic Patients Treated by Surgery

Montaz-Rosset, Marie-Soline; Scholly, Julia; Voulleminot, Paul; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(7):526-531, July 2019.

Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Breast Cancer: Combined Statistical Modeling Using Clinicopathological Factors and FDG PET/CT Texture Parameters

Lee, Hyunjong; Lee, Dong-eun; Park, Sohyun; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44(1):21-29, January 2019.

Pediatric 131I-MIBG Therapy for Neuroblastoma: Whole-Body 131I-MIBG Clearance, Radiation Doses to Patients, Family Caregivers, Medical Staff, and Radiation Safety Measures

Willegaignon, José; Crema, Karin Paola; Oliveira, Nathaliê Canhameiro; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 43(8):572-578, August 2018.