This month's Editor's Favorite is "Scintigraphic Findings Beyond Ejection Fraction on Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy Are They Correlated With Chronic Gallbladder Disease?" by Chad T Christensen and colleagues. Authors challenge the classical hypothesis that there are important secondary findings associated with chronic cholecystitis on hepatobiliary scintigraphy (HBS), including delayed small bowel (SB) transit, slow gallbladder (GB) filling, and reversal of the normal GB and SB transit, and that each 0f these are associated with a depressed GB ejection fraction (GBEF). Secondary objectives were to determine whether GBEF is correlated with the time of GB filling, time of SB transit, or reversal of normal GB/SB filling sequence. 221 GBEF exams after were retrospectively reviewed.

Authors conclude that delayed SB transit, slow GB filling time, and reversal of the normal GB and SB filling sequence on HBS imaging are not associated with the measured GBEF and not predictive of chronic GB disease.​

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