Editor's Favorite: This month, Samnick et al present "Initial Clinical Investigation of [18F]Tetrafluoroborate PET/CT in Comparison to [124I]Iodine PET/CT for Imaging Thyroid Cancer"​ where 9 patients with newly diagnosed differentiated thyroid cancer underwent both [18F]TFB- and [124I]NaI-PET/CT after total thyroidectomy. All patients had positive [18F]TFB and [124I]NaI-PET/CT. Retention of 124I in remnant thyroid tissue was significantly higher than [18F]TFB (P < 0.01).  [18F]TFB depicted 41 foci and 124I 40 foci, respectively.  Two 124I-positive benign thyroid remnants were missed by [18F] TFB-PET/CT in one patient. In another case, both tracers identified different cervical thyroid remnant tissues. [18F]TFB demonstrated additional (124I-negative) cervical lymph node metastases in 2 patients, leading to an overall radiotracer agreement of 91% (74/81 foci).​

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Differentiation of Recurrent/Residual Glioma From Radiation Necrosis Using Semi Quantitative 99mTc MDM (Bis-Methionine-DTPA) Brain SPECT/CT and Dynamic Susceptibility...

Rani, Nisha; Singh, Baljinder; Kumar, Narendra; More

Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 43(3):e74-e81, March 2018.

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