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Current Readings in Nuclear Medicine

Baum, Sheldon MD

doi: 10.1097/RLU.0b013e318269a32c
Current Readings
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Ezziddin S et al: Does the pretherapeutic tumor SUV in 68Ga DOTATOC PET predict the absorbed dose of 177Lu octreotate? Clin Nucl Med 37: e141–e147, 2012.

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Howard S et al: Multimodality imaging in amyloidosis. Cancer Imaging 12: 109–117, 2012.

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Antiretroviral Therapy

Mankia SK et al: The response of HIV-associated lymphadenopathic Kaposi sarcoma to highly active antiretroviral therapy evaluated by 18F-FDG PET/CT. Clin Nucl Med 37: 692–693, 2012.

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Blood Vessels

Papathanasiou ND et al: F-18-fludeoxyglucose PET/CT in the evaluation of large-vessel vasculitis: diagnostic performance and correlation with clinical and laboratory parameters. Br J Radiol 85: e188–e194, 2012.

Folke Pedersen S et al: Microvessel density but not neoangiogenesis is associated with F-18-FDG uptake in human atherosclerotic carotid plaques. Mol Imaging 14: 384–392, 2012.

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Bone Density

Zaman K et al: Bone mineral density in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant letrozole, tamoxifen, or sequences of letrozole and tamoxifen in the BIG 1-98 study (SAKK 21/07). Ann Oncol 23: 1474–1481, 2012.

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Brown Adipose Tissue

Skillen A et al: Thermal control of brown adipose tissue in F-18-FDG PET. J Nucl Med Technol 40: 99–103, 2012.

Cronin CG et al: Brown fat at PET/CT: correlation with patient characteristics. Radiology 263: 836–842, 2012.

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Kadanali A et al: Detection of orchitis and sacroiliitis due to brucellosis by 99mTc polyclonal human immunoglobulin scintigraphy. Clin Nucl Med 37: 671–673, 2012.

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C-13 MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Brindle K: Watching tumours gasp and die with MRI: the promise of hyperpolarised C-13 MR spectroscopic imaging. Br J Radiol 85: 697–708, 2012.

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Manabe O et al: Multimodality evaluation of cardiac paraganglioma. Clin Nucl Med 37: 599–601, 2012.

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Communicating in Organizations

Harolds JA: Communicating in organizations, Part IV: e-mails and one-on-one meetings. Clin Nucl Med 37: 580–582, 2012.

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Dual Labeling

Azhadarinia A et al: Dual-labeling strategies for nuclear and fluorescence molecular imaging: a review and analysis. Mol Imaging 14: 261–276, 2012.

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Dual Point FDG Imaging

Use of dual-point fluorodeoxyglucose imaging to enhance sensitivity and specificity. Semin Nucl Med 42: 267–280, 2012.

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Ehramamci S et al: The clinical value and histopathological correlation of lacrimal scintigraphy in patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome. Nucl Med Commun 33: 689–694, 2012.

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Fever of Unknown Origin

Yang J et al: Fever of unknown origin: the roles of FDG PET or PET/CT. PET Clin 7: 181–189, 2012.

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Full Body FDG PET/CT Scans

Bauer C et al: Automated measurement of uptake in cerebellum, liver, and aortic arch in full-body FDG PET/CT scans. Med Phys 39: 3112–3123, 2012.

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Head and Neck

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Metabolic Syndrome

Gagnon C et al: Low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with increased risk of the development of the metabolic syndrome at five years: results from a national, population-based prospective study (The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study: AusDiab). J Clin Endocrinol Metab 97: 1953–1961, 2012.

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Molecular Imaging

Margulis AR: Molecular imaging: love it or lose it. Radiology 264: 5, 2012.

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Neuroendocrine Tumors

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Nuclear Oncology

Miles K: Nuclear oncology in Cancer Imaging 2011. Cancer Imaging 12: 185–186, 2012.

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Nuclear Medicine Technology Programs

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PET Dosimetry

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