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Duration: 1:03
Journal: Strength & Conditioning Journal
A dynamic warm up prior to practice or competition has been shown to improve lower limb motor control, and reduce the risk of hamstring injury(14). Dynamic warm up drills shown in this video are A marching, A skips, B skips, short stride cariocas, side shuffles, leg cycling, leg pawing, ankle pops, quick support running drills, forward falling running drills and explosive starts.
Creator: Elizabeth Pittinger
Duration: 0:11
Journal: Strength & Conditioning Journal
Once the right back hand reaches the hip, think high elbow. Right arm goes into recovery but keeps tips of fingers in the water as you gently move fingers alongside body and extend in front. Repeat left side and alternate the length of pool.
Creator: Eric Chaconas
Duration: 00:11
Journal: Strength & Conditioning Journal
The individual grasps the band/cable and brings the arm into a position of 90° of abduction while in neutral rotation. Once in the start position, the individual externally rotates the arm concentrically to achieve the 90/90 position. Once in the 90/90 position, the individual is requested to step backward 2–4 steps in an effort to increase tension in the band/cable. The band/cable is then lowered back to the start position to finish.