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National Strength and Conditioning Association: Strength and Conditioning Professional Standards and Guidelines

Strength and Conditioning Journal. 31(5):14-38, October 2009.

doi: 10.1519/SSC.0b013e3181b9c34c

The purpose of the NSCA Strength & Conditioning Professional Standards & Guidelines project is to help identify areas of risk exposure, increase safety and decrease the likelihood of injuries that might lead to claims, and ultimately improve the standard of care being offered. This document is intended to be neither rigid nor static. On the contrary, the need for discretion and insight is a fundamental theme throughout; and the information presented here will be revised periodically as the profession continues to evolve. It is hoped that Strength & Conditioning practitioners and the institutions employing them will mutually benefit from applying this information, and in turn significantly enhance the quality of services and programs provided to their participants.

A Review of Striking Force in Full-Contact Combat Sport Athletes: Effects of Different Types of Strength and Conditioning Training and Practical Recommendations

Uthoff, Aaron; Lenetsky, Seth; Reale, Reid; More

Strength and Conditioning Journal. 45(1):67-82, February 2023.

doi: 10.1519/SSC.0000000000000705

The Back Squat: A Proposed Assessment of Functional Deficits and Technical Factors That Limit Performance

Myer, Gregory D.; Kushner, Adam M.; Brent, Jensen L.; More

Strength and Conditioning Journal. 36(6):4-27, December 2014.

doi: 10.1519/SSC.0000000000000103