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December 2021 - Volume 43 - Issue 6

  • T. Jeff Chandler, EdD, FNSCA
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Welcome to Volume 43, the 2021 edition of the Strength and Conditioning Journal

I would like to recognize many groups of people who help make the SCJ a quality journal.  We have a first-class senior editorial team composed of a Managing Editor/Assistant and Associate Editors in Chief, along with an outstanding group of Associate Editors and Column Editors.   The authors who submit to the SCJ are some of the top authorities in the world on strength and conditioning.  The "unsung heroes" of the review process are the reviewers who get very little recognition.  And it is always a pleasure to work with our publisher, LWW, as well as our NSCA national office staff.   I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all these individuals for a job well done!  

We will have some minor changes to submissions in 2021. We are limiting the number of references to 50. The author may provide justificaiton to increase that number under appropriate circumstances. We will no longer review "two-part" articles. You may submit two articles and reference the other article. Each article will likely take a differerent path through the review process. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of the SCJ!  If you need assistance in preparing a submission to the SCJ, please contact the Managing Editor; [email protected]  



 T. Jeff Chandler, EdD, FNSCA, Editor in Chief



The SCJ currently has 6 columns published on a rotating basis.  All columns are peer-reviewed.

    Colin Wilborn, Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids: [email protected]

    Jay Dawes, Exercise Technique:  [email protected]

    Peter Ronai, Special Populations: [email protected]

    Paul Sorace, One on One: [email protected]

    Ben Reuter, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: [email protected]

    Brad Schoenfeld, Evidence Based Personal Training: [email protected]

For more information on submitting a column, please contact the column editor or [email protected]

CALL FOR ARTICLES: Special Topic Issue: Special Populations

Guest Editor: Ben Reuter, PhD, CSCS, *D, ATC (California Univ. of Pa)

Purpose: The purpose of this special issue is to bridge the gap between research and techniques used in working with special populations within the strength and conditioning realm. The Strength & Conditioning Journal reflects the NSCA's commitment to leadership in supporting manuscripts based on high-quality scientific research and evidence-based practice.

Topics: We encourage submissions of interest to both contributors and readers for topics listed (but not limited to): fibromyalgia, spina bifida, COPD, post myocardial infarction, post open heart surgery, hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, joint replacements, non-specific low back pain, geriatrics, populations using a wheelchair, asthma or exercise-induced asthma, epilepsy, sickle cell, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, peripheral vascular disorders, post concussion.

Interested individuals are encouraged to consult with the guest editor or an experienced strength and conditioning coach to help provide practical knowledge, examples, or context for integration of the topics.

Submission Instructions: Instructions for article submission can be found at:   Potential authors are requested to submit a one-page summary, outlining expertise in a topic listed (or proposed) for this special edition, and past scholarly contributions to the guest editor.  Ben Reuter- [email protected].  

Timeline: The tentative timeline for the Special Populations special topic edition is as follows: 

1. Solicitation of potential authors: Jan 15 - April 1, 2021

2. Writing assignments: April – June 2021

3. Submission of article for review: June – Aug 2021

4. Author corrections: Aug – Sept 2021

5. Article re-submission: Oct – Nov 2021

6. Publisher edits and manuscript finalizations: Jan – Feb 2022

7. Target publication date: April 2022​

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​​If you are interested in publishing in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, submissions to the the SCJ are open to all.  Manuscripts that meet the stated mission of the journal will be peer reviewed prior to a decision on acceptance for publication. 

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