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Training the Shoulder Complex in Baseball Pitchers: A Sport-Specific Approach

Jeran Jeffrey J. MS CSCS;; Chetlin, Robert D. PhD, CSCS, HFI;
Strength and Conditioning Journal: August 2005
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The purpose of this paper is to identify exercise performance-related factors which may contribute to shoulder pain and dysfunction and to describe appropriate training strategies for promoting shoulder stability and enhanced function. The intent is not to help the reader diagnose and treat injuries or to prescribe therapeutic interventions. Strength and conditioning professionals should encourage injured clients to consult a physician, physical therapist, or other appropriate health care professional before starting a conditioning program.

Jeffrey Jeran is Wellness Program Director for the Morgantown Branch of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Robert Chetlin is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Occupational Therapy at the West Virginia University School of Medicine.

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