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Faigenbaum Avery D. EdD CSCS; Schram, Jaynie MPH, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Journal: June 2004
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Studies suggest that regular participation in a broad-based training program that includes resistance training can significantly reduce sports-related injuries in adolescents. However, additional trials are required to further examine the effectiveness of different resistance-training protocols and interventions on reducing the incidence of injury in competitive and noncompetitive activities. In addition, investigations are required to explore the influence of other strategies, including coaching education, preseason fitness evaluations, and select restorative procedures, on reducing the incidence of injury in young athletes.

Avery D. Faigenbaum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Jaynie Bjornaraa Schram is currently pursuing her PhD in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Minnesota and has served on the NSCA Certification Commission and on the Board of Directors for the NSCA.

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