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Hejna William F. M.D.; Rosenberg, Aaron M.D.; Buturusis, Duane J.; Krieger, Anita
National Strength Coaches Association Journal: February 1982
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The introduction of variable resistance exercise (weight training) to athletic training for purposes of improving athletic performance is well known. The effect of such training on athletic injury in the younger athlete has not yet been well documented. A study was undertaken of injury rate and time lost to rehabilitation in a group of male and female high school athletes (ages 13–19). All athletes utilizing weight training as part of their exercise program suffered an injury rate of 26.2% while their counterparts who did not were injured at a rate of 72.4%. The rehabilitation ratio (time lost to rehabilitation due to injury per number of athletes performing in the studied group) was 4.82 days for control group athletes vs. 2.02 days in athletes who trained with variable resistance exercise. Male athletes suffered an injury rate of 37.0% and each player lost an average of 2.55 days of training or competition due to injury. Female athletes were injured at a rate of 17.5% and lost an average of 1.98 days.

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