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Green Carly M. CSCS; Comfort, Paul MSc, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Journal: October 2007
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Bodybuilders, athletes, and recreational lifters select a grip width during the bench press that they believe will produce a greater force output. Research has demonstrated that a wide grip (> 1.5 biacromial width) may increase the risk of shoulder injury, including anterior shoulder instability, atraumatic osteolysis of distal clavicle, and pectoralis major rupture. Reducing grip width to ≤1.5 biacromial width appears to reduce this risk and does not affect muscle recruitment patterns, only resulting in a ±5% difference in one repetition maximum.

Carly M. Green is a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and the Founder and Director of Sports Injury Specialist Clinic (SISC).

Paul Comfort is a Senior Lecturer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, London Sports Institute, Middlesex University.

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