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Stone Mike PhD; Ramsey, Michael W. PhD; Kinser, Ann M.; O'Bryant, Harold S. PhD; Ayers, Chris MS; Sands, William A. PhD
Strength and Conditioning Journal: December 2006
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Stretching is commonly used by many athletes in different sports. Although acute stretching, as part of a warm-up, can enhance range of motion, it may also reduce performance. Acute stretching can reduce peak force, rate of force production, and power output. Chronic stretching may enhance performance, although the mechanism is unclear. Acute stretching has little effect on injury. However, chronic stretching (not part of warm-up) may have some injury reduction potential.

Mike Stone is currently the Exercise and Sports Science Laboratory Director at East Tennessee State University.

Michael Ramsey is Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at East Tennessee State University.

Ann Kinser is currently finishing coursework for a Master's degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences at East Tennessee State University.

Harold O'Bryant is a senior faculty member in the Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science Department at Appalachian State University.

Chris Ayers is an Assistant Professor at East Tennessee University.

William Sands is the head of Sports Biomechanics and Engineering for the United States Olympic Committee.

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