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Lidor Ronnie PhD; Melnik, Yona; Bilkevitz, Alex PhD; Falk, Bareket PhD
Strength and Conditioning Journal: April 2006
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The purpose of this article is to present a judo-specific ability test to be used by coaches who work with young judokas. The test is composed of 10 stations. In 5 of the stations the judoka performs physical ability exercises related to judo, and in the remaining stations the judoka performs judo-specific skills. This article provides the rationale for the test as well as specific instructions for each station.

Ronnie Lidor is an Associate Professor at The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Wingate Institute, and Faculty of Education, University of Haifa.

Alex Bilkevitz is head fitness coach at the Center for Gifted Young Athletes, Wingate Institute, and lecturer at the Nat Holman School for Coaches and Instructors, Wingate Institute.

Yona Melnik is a national judo coach, 7 Dan, head judo coach of the Center for Gifted Young Athletes, Wingate Institute.

Bareket Falk is presently with Brock University, Canada.

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