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Shiner Jay CSCS; Bishop, Tim MS, CSCS; Cosgarea, Andrew J. MD
Strength and Conditioning Journal: December 2005
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This article will define plyometrics and provide a basis of understanding for functional progressions leading up to plyometric exercises. Readiness for plyometrics is presented as a method of defining an adequate strength base. Sample exercises and progressions are provided, including an example of the integration of low-intensity plyometrics into a speed development program.

Jay Shiner is the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Baltimore Orioles in minor league player development.

Tim Bishop is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Baltimore Orioles and President of Perform Fit, Inc.

Andrew Cosgarea is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery and Director of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery at Johns Hopkins University.

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