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Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Explosive Strength and Postural Control in Young Female Athletes

Fort, Azahara; Romero, Daniel; Bagur, Caritat; Guerra, Myriam

The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: April 2012 - Volume 26 - Issue 4 - p 926–936
doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e31822e02a5
Original Research

Fort, A, Romero, D, Bagur, C, and Guerra, M. Effects of whole-body vibration training on explosive strength and postural control in young female athletes. J Strength Cond Res 26(4): 926–936, 2012–This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a whole-body vibration training program to improve neuromuscular performance in young elite female athletes. Twenty-three women basketball players (14–18 years old) were randomly assigned to a control group (CG, n = 11) or to a whole-body vibration group (WBVG, n = 12). During the study period, both groups continued their usual training program, but the WBVG also underwent a 15-week vibration training program. We analyzed the countermovement jump test (CMJ), the 1-leg hop test for the right leg and for the left leg, and the single-limb standing balance for both legs and with eyes open and closed at 3 time points: before training (T1), after an 8-week training period (T2), and after a further 7-week training period (T3). Compared with the CG, CMJ increased significantly in the WBVG from T1 to T2 (6.47%, p < 0.001), T1 to T3 (10.07%, p = 0.005), and T2 to T3 (3.38%, p < 0.001). One-leg hop test for the right and left legs also showed significantly higher values in WBVG from T1 to T2 (10.12%, p < 0.001 and 9.63%, p = 0.002, respectively) and T1 to T3 (14.17%, p = 0.001 and 15.17%, p = 0.004, respectively). Lateral deviation of the center of pressure in the closed eyes test decreased significantly in WBVG for both right and left leg, from T1 to T2 (−22.20%, p = 0.043 and −34.77%, p < 0.001, respectively) and from T1 to T3 (−33.14%, p = 0.027 and −33.58%, p = 0.043, respectively) compared with the CG. In conclusion, our results show that a 15-week whole-body vibration training program improves explosive strength and postural stability in adolescent female basketball players.

1EUSES sports Science, University of Girona, Girona, Spain

2Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain

3International University of Catalonia, Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain

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