December 2021 - Volume 16 - Issue 12 : Neural Regeneration Research

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December 2021 - Volume 16 - Issue 12
pp: 2349-2568

A method for using video presentation to increase the vividness and activity of cortical regions during motor imagery tasks

Fujiwara, Kengo; Shibata, Masatomo; Awano, Yoshinaga; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(12):2431-2437, December 2021.

Effects of a multimodal exercise protocol on functional outcomes, epigenetic modulation and brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels in institutionalized older adults: a quasi-experimental pilot study

Fraga, Iasmin; Weber, Camila; Galiano, Wériton Baldo; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(12):2479-2485, December 2021.

11C-PK11195 plasma metabolization has the same rate in multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls: a cross-sectional study

de Souza, Aline Morais; Pitombeira, Milena Sales; de Souza, Larissa Estessi; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(12):2494-2498, December 2021.

Tensile mechanical analysis of anisotropy and velocity dependence of the spinal cord white matter: a biomechanical study

Nishida, Norihiro; Sakuramoto, Itsuo; Fujii, Yoshihiro; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(12):2557-2562, December 2021.