July 2021 - Volume 16 - Issue 7 : Neural Regeneration Research

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July 2021 - Volume 16 - Issue 7
pp: 1229-1448

Delayed atomoxetine or fluoxetine treatment coupled with limited voluntary running promotes motor recovery in mice after ischemic stroke

Alamri, Faisal F.; Al Shoyaib, Abdullah; Syeara, Nausheen; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(7):1244-1251, July 2021.

Cortical transcriptome analysis after spinal cord injury reveals the regenerative mechanism of central nervous system in CRMP2 knock-in mice

Sugeno, Ayaka; Piao, Wenhui; Yamazaki, Miki; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(7):1258-1265, July 2021.

Neuroprotective effect of immunomodulatory peptides in rats with traumatic spinal cord injury

Parra-Villamar, Dulce; Blancas-Espinoza, Liliana; Garcia-Vences, Elisa; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(7):1273-1280, July 2021.

Efficacy of short-term multidisciplinary intensive rehabilitation in patients with different Parkinson’s disease motor subtypes: a prospective pilot study with 3-month follow-up

Chen, Ke-Ke; Jin, Zhao-Hui; Gao, Lei; More

Neural Regeneration Research. 16(7):1336-1343, July 2021.